Zhi Jie Tan

Architecture BA

From an urban perspective, people like to be near water. The interpretation of Canal Street is one demonstration of Manchester engaging with the water since hundred years ago.

The Rochdale Canal, as a heritage of the Cottonopolis, had witnessed the dramatic change of the cotton industry. From glory to downfall, the historical transformation of the cotton industry portrays a real life stage drama of Manchester.

The proposal makes an attempt to appreciate the permanence of the Rochdale Canal by proposing a theatre named Canal Theatre next to it, introducing its story to the public.

Plates of public ground form terraces that allow people to be more engaged with the canal. The exterior form of the building is dominated by the horizontal bands of outdoor terraces that surround the theatre auditorium, stretching across the site and connects to the canal.

Tags: Canal, Concrete, Glass, Musical, Permanence, Terraces, Terracing, Theatre

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