Duration 11:04

An ode to planet earth. A collaboration of word, sound and image; this film looks at humans’ relationship with nature through the voices of the personified classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Each section represents a time in human development, both individually and collectively as a species. There is an association with the seasons and passing of time (a human’s life cycle) with a clear colour scheme for each element. As each element is its own character (a sort of parental figure to us humans), they each have their own temperament and message for us. Earth is spring and represents our birth; innocent and young we are spoken to by a loving mother. Water is our youth, summer, a happy period where our relationship with nature is good. Fire is our adulthood. Autumn. We have separated ourselves from nature causing conflict and tension. Air is our old age. Winter. This is where we learn to respect nature and realise we cannot separate ourselves from it as we are one and the same.

Created to be shown both as a regular film and in a gallery context.
In a gallery space the film would be projected large onto an entire wall with surround-sound speakers. It would be played chronologically and on loop, one section after the other with a small gap before restarting. The gallery film would not include the credits at the end.


Crew List

Joel Porter – Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Poetry Writer, Sound Design
Antony Morris – Producer
Ross McLeod – Poetry Writer
Alex Moore – Sound Design (Water)
Callum Kilgarriff – Composer / Sound Design (Fire)
Ryan Noble – Composer / Sound Design (Air)