Duration 11:06

Lucy faces challenges in life both from her abusive boyfriend Steven and from her elder sister Phoebe, recently released from prison who blames her for her incarceration. Through a series of hardships resulting from Steven’s abusive behaviour in addition to Phoebe’s hostile attitude towards her, Lucy slowly comes to terms with the circumstances of her situation and must make the decision whether to sit back and endure the unpleasant nature of her relationship or accept Phoebe slowly working to rebuild their relationship and their brother Kevin’s help to save her from the peril Steven has and will put her through.


Thanasis Konstantopoulos – Cinematography
Lucy Adam – Sound Recording
Lily Taylor – Lighting, Runner
Joe Croft – Lighting, Runner
Kanwal Rizvi – Hair and Make Up Artist
Nadzuma Nadine Callender – Hair and Make Up Artist
Abigail Sikorski – Hair and Make Up Artist