Derryn Rowlands

Illustration with Animation

I am an illustrator although I sometimes work with animations. I tend mainly work digitally due to it's fast pace and ease of use; but do enjoy traditional materials too such as ink, charcoal and acrylic. 

The work I am exhibiting in the show is a prototype of an illustration book. I created a narrative from the point of view of Laika the space dog, the first living being to orbit space. I used a combination of traditional and digital materials, and mainly kept to a yellow and blue colour palette due to the eyesight of dogs. Although it is a story with a sad end I focused on finding the happy moments that could of happened. We should be known for who we are and what we do rather than how our stories end; I wanted to give Laika this. 

Tags: Bold Colour, Digital Art, Dog, History, Illustration, Illustration Book, Narrative, Space, Texture, Traditional Art

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