Kathryn Leigh

Illustration with Animation

I am interested in all things fantastical, mythological and science fiction. My work this year has centred around the theme of 'Old Media vs. New Media' juxataposing a short novel based on the fairytale of Red Riding Hood and video game 'Bloodborne'. I have tried to place my work within a contemporary realm utilising contrasting material in the form of sources from a video game; and make a point in that media in consumed in a much more whole body experience in that we are in control of characters and outcomes as well as looking into a world someone has created for us, as we would if we were studying artwork on a wall in a gallery.

Tags: Collage, Etching, Fantasy, Gothic, Ink, Ink And Bleach, Mark-making, Old Media Vs. New Media, Sci-fi, Video Games

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