Nosheen Ahmed

Creative Practice

As well as having a passion for creating beautiful things I love books. My love for books and creativity sparked off my stationery and giftware brand.  I believe the blank pages in sketchbooks and notebooks offer endless opportunities for creative expression. I love the touch, smell and material qualities of notebooks.  This has driven me to design decorative stationery and giftware, as I believe notebooks are the start of our dreams, plans and adventures.  They should not only have a practical function, but should also be beautiful to look at.

My work aims to promote feelings of self-worth and posititvity through it's use of colour, pattern and typography. Everything I create has been carefully thought through to ensure that I end up with goods that I would not only use, but would love to share. 

I hope you will fall in love with the products as much as I loved making them.

Tags: Affirmation Cards, Notebooks, Quote Notebook, Stationery

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