Abbie Rigg-Milner

Three Dimensional Design

I design furniture that has the essence of belonging in our homes. Creating a sense of well-being and comfort, my designs are simplistic yet sophisticated in form while being sensitive to the material. Natural solid wood ensures a quiet charm; it brings the very essence of home, creating a joyful connection between the product and owner and therefore used as the main element of decoration.

My current product line is designed for the hallway; this includes a coat rack and bench. The Hallway to your home, large or small, says a lot about its residents and it is the first opportunity that guests have to see an insight into your lifestyle. Yet it is often a transient and neglected space within the home. Therefore, I have challenged this context, by designing a range of products that create a warm welcoming entrance, with a sense of organised elegance.

Tags: Ash, Coatstand, Design, Furniture, Grain, Wood

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