Adamos Nicolaou

Master of Architecture MArch

The scope of this thesis is to investigate the potential of textile architecture “ARCHITEXTILE”  through a multi-layer study of traditional knitting and advanced computational design techniques and methods, along with the mechanical properties of the material used to produce self-supportive textile structures. 

The empirical part of the study was led through a set of experiments with various digital and physical prototypes that used to examine the potential of fabric as a robust building material system through the implication of architectural form 

The outcome of the research shifts the perception of the textile as being “old-fashioned”, by instead showing its alternative use as a sustainable, flexible and adaptable building material with endless possibilities. The design development process results in a structure that looked fragile but is in fact robust. A series of EXPO pavilions have been produced across Manchester’s city centre region, enabling the generation of dynamic, interactive, event and process-based spaces, in order to maintain, develop and sustain Manchester’s textile industry, recognising the need for agilityand adaption. 

Tags: Algorithmic Design, Architextile, Atelier Platform, Knitting, Model Making

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