Aishwarya Dhamale

Interior Design

The fashion industry today is a multibillion-dollar business and with every business of that size comes responsibility for the impact it has on its immediate surroundings and the world at large. With the threats of global warming, resource shortages and overpopulation looming over humanity, a new demand for more efficient and sustainable industry practices is emerging. Fast fashion that bases its business model on high volume collections and speedy production ends up releasing tremendous amounts of harmful dyes, toxins, pesticides, etc. in the environment.

Conscious Couture performs as a platform for H&M’s Conscious Collection, Armedangels and Thought Clothing. It offers an opportunity to the consumer to engage in ‘Conscious Shopping’ and experience the eco friendly materials and new innovations in line the brands have to offer with the purpose to spread awareness about the condition of our world and provide the opportunity to support brands with the planet at heart.

Tags: Autocad, Detail Design, Laser-cutting, Metal, Modelmaking, Residential Design, Retail Design, Sketchup, Sustainability, Wood

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