Alice Mckenzie

Three Dimensional Design

I am a designer maker, exploring colour and form through glass. I often make collections of vessels that have a common theme or process but separately have a unique quality that is created through hand-made crafts. The collections are designed to work together as well as individually.

Inspired by floral design and arrangements, I design and make collections that deliver visual harmony between flower and object, questioning the way we place and view blooms.

Within Ikebana there must be balance and proportion of the flower in the vase, the vase to its surroundings and in both colour and line. The arranging takes place as you position each flower in a vase together with the placement of the vases in relation to each other. The act of movement allows ‘ma’, the space you cannot see, to grow. By arranging the space in between each object, it allows the flowers space to breathe and helps us appreciate uniqueness.

Tags: Arrangement, Colour, Composition, Floral, Flowers, Forms, Glass, Glassblowing, Vessels

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