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I am a Knitted Textiles Designer who works on both collections for fabrics for fashion and fabrics as trend inspiration. I have always been driven to create meaningful concepts, through observation, looking at social and cultural changes. Emanciplay is a trend that has evolved from the recognition of a loss of play within adults’ day to day lives. As we ‘grow up’ we tend to believe that play is associated with juvenile behaviour thus reprimand adults for playing. Outrageously ironic as play is something embedded in us from birth.

Emanciplay was an opportunity for me to professionally exhibit a trend-based project with all aspects considered, from yarn to publication. Using the words, fold, layer, pleat, gather, interact, react has helped me to choose a variety of yarns and techniques which explore form and in the creation of these interactive shapes allow Emanciplay to come to fruition.

Tags: Knittedfabrics, Knittedinspiration, Publication, Textiles, Trend Setting

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