Annika Webb

Interior Design

There is lack of opportunities for Fashion graduates, finding jobs or schemes which take on fashion designers with no experience is rare. Brexit is also a worry for the Fashion Industry, ‘Britain’s fashion industry didn’t vote for Brexit: 90 per cent of designers told the British Fashion Council they were voting remain.’- Evening Standard. A space for new fashion designers will help with the transition when leaving the EU and even after to keep the UK’s fashion industry alive, whilst helping new graduates find a scheme which gives them opportunities to further themselves in the industry. 

Spaces for recent fashion graduates create their own brand will provide opportunities to collaborate with one another or work independently- The occupant can alter how they work by adapting the workspace.

Exhibition and installation areas would to be for visitors to watch a fashion shows put on by the Depop fashion designers.

Tags: Adjustable, Bold, Collaborative, Concrete, Exhibition Design, Glass, Industrial, Installation Design, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Workplace Design

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