Bebhinn McDonnell

Interior Design

The Civil Repertory is a bespoke civil registry office housing Ireland's civil documents and a memorial of the sites former use. It allows the user to process and obtain their certificates within a surrounding that mirrors the significance of the documentation. The space should encourage a sense of occasion, whether it is a celebration of  marriage or birth,  or help in the ease of the process for a bereaved family member. 

The reformed purpose of this building is also in recognition to the lives and deaths of the women and children who went unregistered in the building’s previous institution, which was a Magdalene Laundry. Magdalene Laundries were punitive institutions run by the catholic church that housed women for forced and for-profit labour. The re-purposing of this building was to allow it to contribute positively to the surrounding community and also address its past so it can not be forgotten.

Tags: City Design, Community, Dublin, Interior Design, Regeneration, Registry Office, Urban

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