Beth Thrasher-Jackson

Fine Art and Art History

My practice aims to explore the potential of analogue photography, particularly in a time where this technique is rapidly declining due to the digital age. I shoot film because it allows me to have a stronger connection with the imagery that I create.  Every negative is incredibly precious to me- they are raw, unique, a physical copy of a snapshot of time that can never be replicated. 

My work is primarily processed based, often spending hours at a time in the darkroom creating different series of images from various film negatives that I have shot over the years. They become documentations of cities, landscapes and places that I have visited, often focussing on nature, or the decay and destruction found within more urban environments. With each photograph showing fragments of a memory where colours are often distorted- creating an uncanny resemblance to the past but never quite fully recollecting it. 

Tags: Film Photography, Fine Art, Photography, Projection

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