Cerys Lloyd

Fine Art

Interchanging between an active and experimental practice in the North Walian landscape, Cerys Lloyd initiates a communicative way of working with and through reactive material. Through the process of translation and the continuous nature of transubstantiation, Lloyd immerses herself in a circular, material dialogue that progresses and digresses through organic collaborations. Referring to herself as an ‘activator’ of material rather than an authoritative obstacle between material development, Lloyd recognises that she is also a material compound that reacts physically and chemically with other working material. The continuous nature of organic matter makes for an ever-changing, continuously reactive practice. Completion or a finalised state of work could be seen as unattainable if considering the very nature of organic matter. This exchange, collaboration, translation and reactivity is something Lloyd embraces and encourages in her practice.

Tags: Continuation, Land Art, Material, Process, Translation, Transubstantiation

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