Charlotte Howson

Textiles in Practice

I am a woven textile designer captivated by colour and geometric form, using visits to new locations to gather inspiration for each new woven collection. Paint is my primary medium, enabling the essence of a place to be captured through experimental colour and shape combinations before committing to the loom.

My displayed collection, Chromatic Contrasts, has been informed by a recent trip to New York. New York’s boundless skyscrapers, sheer glass faces, and never-sleeping attitude has been abstracted into a collection of luxury fashion accessories composed of hand-dyed silk reclaimed from a Scottish weaving mill.

Environmental sustainability is paramount to my practice, and this year my work has gained recognition from the Bradford Textiles Society for commercial aptitude and sustainable awareness. I hope to continue this awareness in to industry post-graduation.

Tags: Architecture, Chromatic Contrasts, Colour, Dye, Geometries, New York, Printed Textiles, Silk, Weaving, Woven Textiles

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