Chloe Allen

Textiles in Practice

My textiles in practice combines print and embroidery techniques to create a range of textiles for use in the fashion and interior industry. My work contains a subtle dialogue that discusses social values, heritage and cultural identity. I find inspiration from those that work to create opportunities to bring about a moralistic human existence. I am inspired by those who build resourceful communities and who work around the concept of creating ‘something from nothing’. Adapting what we have to survive, preserve and care for our world through environmental and social justice.  

My final year of study has focused upon providing an insight into how we collectively treat our world – and all that’s in in as disposable. My textile collections endeavour to bring a treasured aesthetic. By taking a resourceful and sensitive approach to practice my work aims to bring into discussion the precarious position we now find ourselves in due to the depletion of precious natural resources and the continued destruction of nature, and its wildlife.

Through exploration of print, stitch and fusing techniques with a fashion focus, I have created tactile and experimental approach to the development of textile collections; celebrating an importance to what we are currently overlooking, and taking for granted. 

Tags: Colour, Digital Print, Embellishment, Embroidery, Fashion, Screen Print, Stitch, Tactile, Texture

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