Corinne Hutton

Fine Art

Corinne ‘s practice stems from adopting expanded printing as an art form. She intertwines process with pattern, creating a new visual language, turning order into chaos. She takes existing imagery usually from her own pieces and furthers the process until she feels it is exhausted. Manipulation, through layering, shredding, reprinting, paper cutting and stitching are main elements in her works, allowing a continuous cycle of production.

Movement is essential for the pieces, line is used to convey this as a means by which the pattern can flow in a distorted course. Process is about happenings, through chopping and changing the original, the work takes on a new form and therefore a new language through colour, pattern and rhythm. The patterns start off symmetrical and repetitive. The overlay of more layers disrupts this by taking away the rigid original structure to establish a fluid, free-flowing approach. Corinne gives new purpose to something that is often disregarded and ascetically reinvests energy and use into these fragments of language to create art from something deemed as nothing.    

Tags: Abstract, Colour, Expanded Print, Form, Linear, Linocut, Manipulation, Movement, Oil-based Ink, Organised Chaos, Pattern, Printing, Process

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