Danie Cooper

Textiles in Practice

Colour is always at the forefront of my design process. My aim as a designer is to create beautifully playful and bold prints for interiors that carefully consider how colour and design can complement a space. Throughout my practice I have experimented with different media and drawing styles, taking inspiration from the shapes found in nature and the man-made.

Testing compositions and colour combinations, my print collection ‘Tropical Gardens’ is a celebration of the exquisite forms that are found right before us. By using different media such as coloured pencil and watercolour, the elements in each design have a lively character and the choice of colour accompanies the playfulness of the collection. 

After graduation I hope to gain employment as a designer within the printed textile designer industry.

Tags: Colour, Florals, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop, Print, Print Design, Surface Pattern, Tropical

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