Eileen Vanden Broeck

Illustration with Animation

I am a visual storyteller, my practice centring around sequentially conveying narratives, be it through moving or still image. I use fiction as a means of escapism from real-world problems. Therefore, I lean towards fantastical subjects such as science fiction and the supernatural, where I can channel my dark sense of humour and love of the bizarre.

The work exhibited at the Degree Show is the culmination of a year-long project in which I made an eleven minute long animation based on my own narrative.

'Neither Snow nor Void nor Asteroids' is a space opera following the misadventures of Vern, a mail carrier for the Intergalactic Postal Service, as they travel the galaxy on a quest to deliver a lost letter to its recipient.

The film consists of 2d digital animation over slightly wacky backgrounds, which are hand-drawn with a combination of ink, markers and highlighter pens.

Tags: Animation, Animation Backgrounds, Character Design, Highlighters, Ink, Markers, Narrative, Narrative Animation, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Whimsical

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