Ellen Adams

Three Dimensional Design

My material practice explores themes of participation and materiality; investigating how adults engage in play.

“Whilst children move forward in their play, adults move sideways” (Sutton-Smith, 1997).

Is it that when a person is presented with a creative task, they then test an element of themselves that they would not experience in their day to day? My work invites people to select from a range of material units and ‘stack’ them in whichever combination they like. Through the use of a verb as an instruction, I now imagine my designs to encourage spontaneous and creative play in adults.

Made out of glass, my objects investigate how people respond to; surface, colour, weight and fragility whilst playing with objects. Is it that when we know of glass to be a fragile material, are we less likely to push its capabilities and add risk to its use? Or do these objects become more ‘adult’ due to the precious nature of glass?

Tags: Colour, Experimental, Game Design, Glass, Interactive Design, Material Design, Materials, Pattern, Play, Playful Design, Product Design, Social Design, Workshops

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