Erum Aamir

Three Dimensional Design

I am a ceramic artist and nature is a source of inspiration for me. I enthuse by the details in depth, therefore I explore through the eye of a microscope.Sometimes the compositions found in the microscopic study and my imagination’s interpretation bypasses what is found in nature. This blurred line between reality and created reality intrigues my practice .  If only for a moment, one might lose themselves in the curiosity of the composition, perhaps creating a personal narrative with the piece.  This process of creation and exploration forms a shared experience between us.

In my work, there’s always a repetition of single or more than one element which mimics the process of growth by repetition. I like this repetitive action – it’s not a thoughtless activity but is meditative. Moreover, the repetitive nature of bringing together many components creates a rhythm and facilitates an active trance of intention.  

Tags: Ceramics, Handbuilt, Intricate, Natural Forms, Porcelain, Sculpture

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