Felicity Warcup

Textiles in Practice

As a knit specialist, I enjoy exploring a variety of different processes within my practice. I have produced a varied portfolio of work, exploring more experimental 3D forms and material innovation through thorough experimentation of knitted structures.

In my project ‘Re-Form’ I have fully developed knit techniques, through needle arrangements and a range of yarns, to create a unique collection of knitted fabrics for fashion. My own photography has been largely influential in my practice, creating my own abstract images as a main source of inspiration. Inspired by these images and my contextual references, exploring structure and form, I have ‘Re’Formed’ my distorted abstract images through knit, creating a collection of dynamic knitted fabric designs for fashion Menswear.

Tags: Design, Knit, Knittedfabrics, Sampling, Structure, Textiles

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