Fiona Burton

Textiles in Practice

My graduate collection is primarily colour focused. Specialising in print design has allowed me to explore colour and composition through the means of collage, painting and digital design to create fun and playful interactive interiors and installations. My inspiration comes from all thing colourful that entice you to want to explore their characters. I start every project by playing with the shapes and colours found through my visual research by layering and adding texture through painting and collaging.

Sensory stimulation is the main focus of my final collection. Researching into sensory therapy and the importance of surrounding ourselves with colour has been the key factor of the work produced. Combining my use of energetic colours, playful pattern and a combination of intriguing textures. The sculptural forms created are intended to encourage and entice the viewer to want to play and engage their senses. 

Tags: Colour, Composition, Digital Design, Digital Print, Pattern, Play, Playful, Sensory, Sensory Stimulation, Shape

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