Georgia Carr

Textiles in Practice

I am an ambitious textile designer, specialising in print design for interiors such as wallpaper, soft furnishings and home accessories.

My practice is influenced by all aspects of nature, the colours, patterns and textures continue to inspire me. My designs are created from my own photography, I think carefully about composition and colour. From this research, I produce a range of drawings in a variety of medias, which I then translate over to Photoshop to digitally manipulate, I then place them into large-scale repeat patterns for an interior context.

Looking closely at the intricate patterns and textures found within a forest I have generated a high-end wallpaper collection.

My future intentions are to work as a surface pattern designer in the print and design industry where I am eager to further build on my passion for drawing, use of colour and experimental design. I am also open to future opportunities to collaborate and make for commissions. I have both a physical and online portfolio.  

Tags: Digital Design, Nature, Photoshop, Repeat Pattern

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