Georgia Woodhall

Textiles in Practice

As a digital printer, I enjoy challenging myself and pushing the boundaries of traditional print methods. My work is usually chaotic and noisy, and it draws you in. Colour is a huge part of my practice, I love to experiment and mix colours that do not usually fit together. 

My project 'A Trace', refers to my time living in Manchester and what has inspired me from living here, mixed with my love for my hometown in the North East. A look at how the two towns have helped shape me as a designer. The street art scene in Manchester was a big influence, along with the Apollo Pavilion by Victor Pasmore in my hometown, Peterlee. I especially love layered posters that have started to crumble away and I wanted to reference that throughout the work I have created.

Tags: Colour, Digital Print, Distorted, Graffiti, Layers, Screen Printing

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