Georgina Fox

Interactive Arts

My work in the degree show explores how we navigate the unprecedented amount of text that we face in the digital age, to create our own meanings and form our identities. Language works on several levels, endlessly flipping back and forth between the meaningful and the material. Theres nothing stable about the language we surround ourselves with, even in their most abstracted form, letters are embedded with semantic, semiotic, historical, cultural and associative meanings. Literary critic Marjorie Perloff coined the term, moving information, to signify both the act of pushing language around as well as the act of being emotionally moved by that process. In this sense we all become writers, and the individual ways in which we manage and redistribute information is what distinguishes my writing from yours.

Alongside this, I am also involved with Get It Done, an arts collective and community organisation. We run art events, exhibitions and workshops across Manchester, aiming to inspire people to see how the arts can ignite social change whilst trying to give young artists a platform to showcase their work. 

Tags: Collective, Installation, Language, Projection, Writing

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