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Interior Design

Burberry at Littlewood’s is a fashion house for Burberry to design, manufacture and sell all within the iconic Littlewood’s building in Liverpool.

Burberry is a brand that is known globally for it’s British heritage, yet when you look into the brand today the British element now seems to be only a part of their history. The only thing Burberry now manufacture within the UK is their famous trench coat.

My idea came from the idea of brands being more honest about what they are and their history, and most importantly how their history influences them today. 

On the Burberry website there is a quote that reads “A British brand in which great British manufacturing is the foundation, the passion and the essence of everything we are today.” I didn’t feel as though this quote truly represented the brand today since they make the majority of their garments in other countries. From learning this I came up with the concept of creating a fashion house for the brand in which they could design, manufacture and sell all within one space, bringing back their British heritage and British identity.

The idea being that the customer can see the entire process which brings back the concept of the brand being more honest about what they are and allowing people to learn more about them and their history.

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