Gracia Irena

Interior Design

Start with the desire to create a community space that accommodates creative minds and a space that brings people together, the initial ideas started from very wide options of community/hospitality places that focus on art and media as the main theme, which heavily influenced by music, film, theater, and cinematography.

Space is a medium that framing how people react and see in the place, this fact alone is almost the same as the way still and moving images show its audience the angle of seeing things in pictures and cinema. How both practices in interior and cinematography are leading people to a certain way of approaching ideas and ambiance inspired me to combine these two aspects together for this final project.

Named after the short term of ‘shape of sounds’, Cymatics is an independent recording studio space to accommodate collaboration between sound, media, and artworks by providing flexible open spaces for the protagonist to access. 

Using Chinese Art Centre (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art) as the base building, located in Northern Quarter, one of most lively and prestigious location in Manchester, with easy access into nearby shopping district (Arndale, Selfridges, Printworks) and public transport (Shudehill Exchange), the ambitious project started. 

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