Hayley Harman

Fine Art

Hayley's paintings are formed through an interest in the extraction of the conversationally banal every day – of overheard or engaged with conversation. The translation of this into a visual format of painting through the process of sound to text to paint. The end result of an intensive process is painting that is interested in challenging notions between language and painting, and the imperfection and presence of the author/translator.

One realises with painting that there is not one way of seeing. This fluid idea when applied to the painted work would seem more difficult to comprehend any sense of assuredness amongst the mass of colour and shape, despite it being derived from something in a more comprehendible form – writing. Which brings to question the idea of language being more accessible in the case of abstraction, rather than the image.

Tags: Abstraction, Absurd, Automatic Drawing, Automatic Writing, Canvas, Colour, Figuration, Oil Paint, Poetry, Process, Representation, Translation

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