Imogen (Millie) Ellerby Sansom

Interactive Arts

As an Interactive Artist I like to work in a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation and print. Over the past year my work has become heavily influenced by political art, art activism and social engagement. My practice has always explored ideas of impactful social change, but recently I have been investigating the power balances between us, as citizens, and political or corporate ‘giants’.

We are living in terrifying times; power and control is tainted by capitalism. The government is not a true representation of the people but the misplaced priorities of the ruling class continue to define society.

Art alone can not bring down an ingrained government system, nor can it change the world. Art does however provide an alternative form of engagement to elitist and inaccessible issues such as politics. This engagement is vital if the present order is to change. 

Tags: Art Activism, Festival, Installation, Interactive, Politics, Props, Sculpture, Set Design, Social Engagement, Theatre

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