India Georgia Barr

Textiles in Practice

I consider myself an artist; my practice focuses primarily on drawing, painting and mark-making translating these marks onto fabric. My pieces are bold, striking and abstract and I am inspired by the surroundings of my homeland of Northern Ireland. My work is often a reflection of the land, its culture and politics, capturing it in an intriguing and conceptual manner. My work is often a personal act of protest or is created to capture a story or political event with the objective of informing or inspiring an audience.

I use painting as a means of documentation and visual research to direct my work in this conceptual manner. I have always enjoyed the use of free-hand embroidery as it allows me to pursue stitch as an extension of my drawing and mark-making skills. Furthermore, I enjoy using the process of embroidery to literally stitch together my concepts and ideas, using this skill to regenerate an original piece of artwork into something that relates but also contrasts from the original.

After university, I hope to gain experience in gallery curation, as-well as widening my commission based work and working as a free-lance artist.


instagram: indiageorgia_artist

Tags: Art, Embroidery, Mixed Media, Painting, Textile

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