Jack Thomas

Textiles in Practice

My current practice explores the role of 3D printers in the development of experimentational fabrics and structures. I question why 3D printers are used the way they are, how they can be pushed and improved, and is their use always relevant? 

I am currently investigating how geometry can be used to create material properties in 3D printed structures. I have explored how 3D extrusion can create forms that flex, stretch, bend and spring. The forms incorporate repetitive structural patterns which use pleated lines and sharp angles to facilitate movement. This year has been a year of research and development; getting to grips with this expanding technology and learning the behaviours of the hardware.  

Continuing onto an MSc in Digital Digitalisation next year, I want to apply my research into a real-world context. I have had interest in my structures for medical, architectural and environmental fields. These areas would enable me to solve practical problems that would have real impact in the world as we grow during this current industrial revolution.

Tags: 3d Design, 3d Print, 3d Printing, Function, Geometric Materiality, Materiality

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