Jake Stevenson Grimberg

Three Dimensional Design

My project ‘Is It Just Me? brings together ceramic vessels inlayed with genuine examples of crude graffiti and vessels written on and graffitied by the public in an attempt to actively preserve and promote the words and sentiments of the anonymous individual. Through the layering of marks and the passing of time personal stories may be built into the object as the vessel becomes a container of memories. The graffitied marks are then committed permanently to the objects surface after firing, and with the temporality of graffiti removed the object becomes an artefact, a time-capsule or a totem of human experience. The fragile yet robust nature of ceramics as a material means that, while an object may be broken, pieces or fragments can survive for thousands of years and may eventually provide archeologists and future generations with an insight into life on earth in 2019.

Tags: Archaeology, Art, Caveart, Ceramicart, Ceramics, Clay, Contemporaryceramics, Decay, Eathernware, Glaze, Graffiti, Handbuiltceramics, Narrative, Nature, Palimpsest, Pottery, Print, Process, Rust, Sculpture, Stoneware, Storytelling, Texture, Urban

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