Jay Robert Edward Ottewell

Fine Art

Auditory feedback- Hissing, whistling, ringing, pinging, sighing, buzzing, rustling and swooshing.

Ottewell employs traditional drawing materials through a process-led engagement which he terms 'Drawing-Sculptures’. He exposes drawing as a primary means of expression and paper as support surface which is intended to traverse the relationship between two and three-dimensions. His approach is repetitive, rhythmical, rigorous and calculated in its conceptualisation, exhausting each material outcome through a process of constant questioning of the fundamentals of drawing as a ‘finished’ product.

Subtle actions and interference are played out, such as crumpling, flattening, smearing, pulling, rubbing and scratching. Each hand movement can be considered a visual metaphor to auditory ‘feedback’- as reverberating physical gesture. Graphite and charcoal then act as traces and translations relating to his hearing defect.Tracing both body and mind, where the left and right gradually descend yet remain static as visual vibrations.

Tags: Action, Auditory, Body, Concept, Decline, Drawing, Gradient, Left And Right, Paper, Repetition, Reverberation, Rhythm, Sculpture, Transmission, Vibrations

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