Jayson Gylen

Fine Art

Framed in terms of painting, Gylen’s work blurs the boundaries between the 2D surface of an artwork, its surrounding architecture and 3D sculptural form. His work explores how one surface can adopt another and how the extraction and accumulation of surface material, can be used to generate dynamic painterly constructions. Employing the repeated geometric forms of minimalism and the gestural marks found in painting, Gylen’s work reinvites the painterly gesture into the clean edged framework of his minimalist supports.  

Using sandpaper and plaster, belonging both to the utilitarian world of DIY and to the history of painting and sculpture, Gylen’s art transcends its humble materials and methods of construction, resulting in an art which is playfully curious, visually pleasurable and thoughtfully reflective on Painting’s possibilities.

Approaching the surface inquisitively, Gylen unlocks the painterly potential of the material environment through a series of experimental interactions with its often-overlooked surfaces. Through the considered display and reconfiguration of the by-products of painting: Gylen’s work aims to draw out the subtle beauty inherent in the world whilst making visible the process of its own construction, re-emerging as a material echo.

Tags: Architecture, Construction, Expanded Painting, Fine Art, Line, Minimalism, Painting

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