Jemma Betterton

Textiles in Practice

I am a Textiles Designer specialising in knitted fabrics for a fashion and material testing innovation. I have explored the concept of ‘the city’ delving into different politically drawn avenues of design. My practice has been split -‘Staring UP but Looking DOWN; A project in which I have created garments and a collection knitted fabrics responding to the ever-changing skyline and the generations Z's fascination to document on social media.

THE BLUE PROJECT where I have created knit samples to test incorporating technology and sensors into knitting. Creating a bag that weighs itself through a sensor within the handle. This concept will help free belongings from your life, to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

This conceptual approach to research and fabric development is at the forefront of my practice and I plan to engage in more projects and opportunities, with the endeavour to push my skills and ideas following graduation.

Tags: Emotional Design, Fashion, Functional Design, Knit, Material Innovation, Sustabilability, Technology, Textiles

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