Jessica Hunt

Textiles in Practice

My themes and concepts involve an eccentric appeal, I have researched into technophobia and how we as humans are unsettled and uncomfortable by the thought of not being able to control the ever adapting and consuming technology around us. The feeling that we are playing a constant video game, stumbling in life resulting in a ‘GAME OVER’ scenario to then restart the level of life all over again. 

As a woven textile’s designer, my work is focused on developing the traditional craft of weaving into a new dynamic with lively and vibrantly coloured concepts. My practice is diverse but is mainly composed to suit fashion-based contexts, such as couture pieces and accessories, although I am open to viewing my work within interiors such as upholstery.

Tags: Arcade, Destruction, Digital, Fashion, Gameover, Irregular, Syfy, Woventextiles

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