Joe Boobier

Three Dimensional Design

The Compromisation Set are two back to back chairs that visually and interactively demonstrate the importance of compromise in resolving conflicts, that are inspired by the time I spent in Palestine last year.

In Summer 2018 I spent two months in Palestine volunteering with SkatePal. Whilst in Palestine I personally underestimated the destruction that conflict had brought to the area. Witnessing tear gas being thrown at young children who I was teaching, and meeting numerous people who had lost loved ones was naively not what I expected. As I left I could not help think these people need our help. This led me thinking. How could my own practice and skills as a furniture designer be used to benefit people living in conflict?

I want my work to spread awareness on conflict and for it to be discussed more often/openly. Spreading awareness is a catalyst in helping those in need.

Tags: Chair, Conceptual, Conceptual Design, Conflict, Furniture, Wood

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