Jordan Allan-Alberts

Textiles in Practice

Heavily influenced by natural shapes and textures found in my surroundings, I explore abstraction through pattern, colour, materials and stitch. The colours I use inspire playfulness encouraging uplifting and positive spaces. My designs have been tailored towards and interior context.

This particular body of work has been inspired by the textures and shapes found where a body of water and land meet, in particular, where a large pond situated in nearby woodland ends and the field of grass begins, exploring large scale design in the process. I work with primarily with natural materials furthering my connection with the environment and hope to expand and develop using more sustainable materials.

I want to develop my practice further through completing a Masters Degree and hope to build my own brand in the future.

Tags: Abstract, Colour, Embellishment, Embroidery, Happiness, Mixed Media, Playful, Textiles

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