Joshua Scott

Three Dimensional Design

Colour and its ability to be conveyed on and in material, can have a vast impact on the way that we perceive an object.

Investigating the relationship between materiality and colour with the research into the potential of glaze, and its ability to create dimensions of light, shadow and colour. 

My work seeks to explore how glaze can be manipulated in spatial compositions to create colour and spatial energy, whereby the glaze influences perception to create dimensional micro spaces. 

The ambiguous nature of glaze allows it to be used as a 

material to explore design. Its capability to create fields of colour and flux the interplay of light and shadow through exposing notions of depth oaf field, explore the ‘aesthetics of glaze’. My research focuses on how glaze can be used for its 

material qualities, whereby the aesthetics of glaze can be used to describe the dimensions of visual experience.

Tags: Ceramics, Colour, Crystalline Glaze, Glaze, Glaze Research

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