Josie Rebecca Lamb


Josie Lamb’s series ‘To Be A Man’ (2019) represents males and their bodies; the series attempts to challenge traditional notions of hyper-masculinity by capturing modern intimacy, sensitivity and vulnerability. Layers of lingering hegemonic macho stereotypes are gradually stripped away in the images to uncover ‘masculinity’ as it should be viewed today; accepting of all diverse body types, sexualities and ethnicities. Intimacy is conveyed continuously through the bare skin and bodies of each subject, a closeness that reflects a slow and trusting pace in which they allow themselves to be represented by a female lens. The series recognises and dissects the long-standing stigma surrounding mental health in males, ensuring that the rigid pressures within socialisation, expectations of manhood and traditional masculinity are gradually dismantled.

Tags: Analogue, Documentary, Masculinity, Photography, Portrait, Portraiture, Representation

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