Katie Spencer Jones

Three Dimensional Design

I am a jewellery maker/designer, creating bespoke wearables, bringing together sophistication and organic forms from the world around us. I have made a range of wearables in response to ‘found’ and/or organic items. Using these objects, I have changed their elements or used them to produce wearables.  I love to work with shells, not only for their incredible beauty but also their remarkable design and form. 

I strive to make beautiful objects that cannot be planned or machine manufactured and that evolve during the creative process. Using nature as my inspiration allows my creative practice to be completely unique, as no natural form has two of the same, making every piece one of a kind. Two shells of the same species will be similar but will never be identical and each shell, branch or even animal will always be one of a kind.

Tags: Bespoke, Jewellery, Metal, Natural, Organic, Shells, Silver, Wearables

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