Katie Taggart

Textiles in Practice

I am textile designer specialising in knit, with a strong mixed media influence. I am interested in exploring how to incorporate new and exciting materials into knit, pushing the boundaries of what is expected or considered the norm.

I have done this within my project ‘Perceptions’ in which I have explored qualities that people typical perceive as masculine and feminine, taking influence from these when choosing initial materials to work with and processes to use. Within my work I want to display the merging of masculinity and femininity. Exploring this I have created multiple 3D drawings which have heavily inspired my knitted samples. I have also worked with laser cut Perspex and metals which are ‘tough’ materials, using these to link my ‘soft’ knits together. My samples have been created within a fashion context and to really display this I have made garment pieces which show the full potential of my samples.

Tags: Fashion, Knit, Knitwear, Mixed Media, Textiles

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