Lillie Tew-Weaver

Three Dimensional Design

As a ceramicist creating decorative objects through the use of slip casting, my interests focus on mould making and challenging the void created within this space, as a way and means to develop a palate of objects that evidence their history throughout surface texture and profile. Porcelain is a material that reads in its fluency and by doing so, has rooted a place as a medium within my work due to many of its individual characteristics such as fast pace casting and transparency. When partnering with clay and fabric, irregularities emerge naturally. This fascination of variation is what stimulates repetition within their collective and within my practice to date. By contrast to one another, vessels are able to stand distinctive in their own right yet read coherently in multiples. Puckering, draping and stitching seams could never possibly be the same, capturing the ephemeral space found within the mould permanently through the clays profile.

Tags: Ceramics, Fabric, Multiples, Porcelain, Reductionfired, Slipcast

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