Maisie Short

Textiles in Practice

With a primary focus in printed textiles, my practice involves experimental approach, encompassing a variety of techniques. I enjoy working with mixed-media, embellishing my screen-printed designs with embroidery, laser cut pieces and flocking.

Playful experimentation and sampling is critical to my design development and I particularly like using hand-made processes. I aim to show a crafted element in all my work, to establish a connection between maker and audience and often to give the work a bespoke feel. By engaging with the tactile qualities of fabric and embellishment I gain a broader understanding of the materials I use and how they can be combined and enhanced.

‘Farm to Fabric’ explores an abstract interpretation of the shapes, colours and compositions found in imagery from Farmers' Markets, while ‘Hand-Made Floral’ is a response to florals through collage. I tend to design for an interior context but feel that my work lends itself to one-off pieces to compliment more commercial collections.

Beyond university, I hope to gain experience of working with artisanal makers and more commercial brands with a focus on traditional processes.

Tags: Digital Design, Embellishment, Embroidery, Handmade, Laser Cutting, Screen Print

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