Megan Cowley

Three Dimensional Design

I am a maker specialising in cold glass work, specifically the kiln slumping process, manufacturing mild steel moulds using waterjet technology.

Binary is not a well-known language, but is an integral part of our lives, like the veins of humans, binary code runs through all of technology In its simplest form it is series of 1’s and 0’s. I have taken historic data from Manchester metropolitan university’s special collections, highlighting key differences from the first opening of (what is now) the school of art in 1838 to (what is now) 2019. Reviving and preserving historic growth, such as the foundation of pupils that started the school 38, increasing over the 181 years to 3,700. The sides of the cube store the archive data contrasting between 1838 and 2019. The top face of each cube holds the binary conversion of the acronym for Manchester School of Art, MSA, upheaving this data out of the constraints of archive books, allows the history which built the school to be revived.

Tags: Binary, Data, Glass, Mild Steel, Mould Making, Patterns, Sheet Glass, Slumping, Textured Glass, Waterjet

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