Megan Ditchfield

Textiles in Practice

I am a Printed Textile Designer. My practice includes a combination of hand drawing, painting and digital processes. My portfolio includes a wide range of textile collections suitable for interior and fashion textiles. 

I draw upon the wonder of nature for inspiration and visualise this phenomena firstly through primary photography and then by drawing. 

My final project, ‘Summer Garden’, is a collection of digital wallpapers and fabrics. This project has focused upon the suburban garden; I have been particularly drawn to the life within botanicals and I have illustrated this throughout my collection. Using a variety of media has allowed me to experiment with mark making and digital software to create multifunctional and versatile prints.

I have aspirations of working within the print industry, I am keen to continue what I have achieved at university and would relish the opportunity to further my development as a print designer.

Tags: Colour, Drawing, Fabric, Fruits, Garden, Pattern, Print, Print Design, Repeat Design, Scarf, Textiles, Wallpaper

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