Melissa Tripi

Three Dimensional Design

I offer a service of bespoken custom jewellery which can be worn in performances on stage, special events and/or for contemporary art gallery, exhibitions and museums. My practice began when I started to learn ballet; it was during those years that I began to create body decorations that led the wearer to assume postures, gestures and features that I myself experienced while impersonating a character.With this work for example, I wanted to create a collection inspired by the details of the 18th-century English clothes; after researching into that time fashion  I designed this collection taking inspiration from the lines of the sleeves and necklines which adorned those dresses .I mainly work with brass, silver, glass and ceramics  but I also enjoy experimenting with new materials and learning new techniques in order to achieve the desired results.

Tags: Contemporaryjewellery, Craft, Customjewellery, Fashionjewellery, Handmadejewellery, Jewellerydesigner

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