Mimi Dearing

Interactive Arts

The Inflatable Dome is a portable communal workspace built for exchange, skill-share and education, providing opportunities for creatives to experiment and explore innovative new elements to personal and facilitative practice.

Inspired by arts collectives of the 60s, the dome is a shelter against the concrete city and forms a temporary utopia in amongst Britain’s political climate. An extension of consciousness, the bubble forms a sphere around individuals; an arena to build relationships between facilitator and participant.

Each day creatives will be working in the dome, running workshops, discussions, performances and projections in a range of exciting creative projects. More information on activities can be found in the publication, or on Instagram (@theinflatabledome). 

Further to her studio practice, Mimi Dearing runs artist collective and community organisation Get It Done, widening accessibility to the arts, encouraging creativity, working with overlooked social groups and providing platforms for young creatives in Manchester since 2017.

Tags: Community, Facilitator, Inflatable, Socially-engaged

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